Stepping out of the slow lane

Stepping out of the slow lane ..Into the slightly faster lane :D 
I live on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Time is not of the essence here ;) 

The crowdfunder for the Blackhouse is well under way. A week in and much hope has been added to fuel my dreams. As well as the lovely people who have pledged and left messages of encouragement, just launching it has prompted a few interesting conversations :) 
There was an update to the campaign yesterday as I discovered it was allowed and my goal was changed from 'All or nothing' funding to 'Flexible funding'. This just means I get to keep any money pledged. The goal is still the same and the dream is even higher :) 
Even in times of Global distress...Anything is possible!. 

I've been working this week on the mobile phone wallpapers ready for them going online and downloadable by the 14th August 2020 to any one choosing the qualifying reward for a donation. These ones are of all the images used in the collections in my  Online Store 
Below is a few samples of what they will look like. 
Suitable for any smartphone.
Now the sun is shining a bit at last (the weather hasn't been great this summer..seemingly endless cloud cover) and I'm off to the beach with my pup Luna who is 1 yr old next week :D 
Just another HUGE thank you to all who've contributed to the crowdfunder so far :D Keeping my hopes up and my dreams of better things to come alive! 

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